Reasons for joining our Fire Department
  1. Wanting to provide a community service. The President has asked all Americans to look at ways they can volunteer in their communities. The Fire Department is a very positive way to impact your community.
  2. A new challenge for yourself. Becoming a firefighter will require growth and overcoming obstacles as well as facing new challenges.
  3. A related personal experience or incident. Perhaps a friend or relative has suffered from a devastating fire. This may have inspired you to help make a difference, to help people when fire or other emergencies threaten their homes or lives.
  4. Perhaps there is a family tradition. Is one of your relatives a firefighter? Maybe it’s time to start your own family tradition of service?
  5. Maybe you used to be a firefighter in another town, and now would like to join your local fire department.
If you are interested in joining you can begin right now
Thank you for your interest and we look forward to meeting you.

Firemans Prayer